Caves - Sistema Huautla, Mexico

Proyecto Espeleologico Sistema Huautla, Mexico

Kasia participated in PESH expeditions in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


PESH website and FB page,


Huautla Resurgence Project


Huautla GoFundMe 2017

We are hoping to raise funds for bolt climbing gear and in-cave food to help support our caving project in the Refresher area of Sistema Huautla In particular, this April's expedition will involve an extensive bolt climbing undertaking. This will require large quantities of gear: bolts, hangers, quick-links, rope, in-cave food. For more information please see details here:


Huautla 2016

La Grieta photos by Kasia part 1 - Mexiguilla

La Grieta photos by Kasia part 2 - Lower Levels

La Grieta photos by Kasia part 3 - Merican Tubes

Life on the surface photos by Kasia


Kickstarter: Where no one has gone before, the world's greatest cave:

The exploration, study, and documentation of Sistema Huautla, the deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere, and said by the expert, highly experienced and accomplished speleologists who have been in it to be "the worlds' greatest cave", has been happening most years since their discovery in 1966. in 2013 PESH (Proyecto Espeleológico Sistema Huautla) was launched with goals to conduct annual month-long expeditions for ten years, fully exploring, mapping, and documenting this immense cavern. Funds raised will be used to purchase a project cargo van with which to transport equipment and supplies from the USA to southern Mexico, and the purchase of state-of-the-art gear.


PESH 2016 Expedition Recap, Part 1: Community Outreach

PESH 2016 Expedition Recap, Part 2: The Science of Huautla

PESH 2016 Expedition Recap, Part 3: Exploring Huautla

Bill Stone on history of exploration in Huautla

Exploring caves with Bill Steele

Cleansing ceremony at the entrance to La Grieta - vimeo

Mazatec blessing ceremony at the La Grieta entrance of Sistema Huautla - vimeo

After the blessing Gilly Elor begins rigging the La Grieta entrance - vimeo

La Grieta survey 2016 by Adam Haydock

Bill Steele discusses the upcoming 2016 PESH expedition



Huautla 2015

Expedition photos by Kasia

Expedition recap with Bill Steele - vimeo

Andreas Klocker's story on the diving side of 2015 expedition in 'Caves Australia'.

Stephen Eginoire's blog entry about Sótano San Agustín



Huautla 2014 

Huautla 2014 - exploration of La Grieta - photos by Kasia

Huautla 2014 - life on the surface - photos by Kasia