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Couple sentences about Kasia Biernacka’s carrier as a cave photographer and a few links of interest.


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Tres Colores Katarzyna Biernacka

Ksiecia Trojdena 5c/9, 02-109 Warszawa, Poland

Kasia Biernacka is expedition caver and cave & outdoor photographer. She’s based in Poland but her favorite destinations are North, Central and South America.

For 18 years Kasia has spent almost every spring in Mexico, participating in a long term projects led by US Deep Caving Team: exploring Sistema Cheve (-1488 m) and Sistema Huautla (-1560 m), respectively the 2nd deepest and the deepest caves of the western hemisphere.

Most of her photography happens during expeditions where she always tries not only to document the underground exploration but also to get a reportage about the cavers' life on the surface - having rest in the basecamp set up high on the mountain or doing ridgewalking through harsh terrain in search for new cave entrances.

When Kasia is not in the outdoors, she works for Ladek Mountain Festival in Poland as Film Program Director, translates mountain films from English, French and Spanish into Polish and helps to organise their screenings throughout her country. She also gives talks about her expeditions and does workshops for kids about speleology, photography and discovering the world through traveling.

Kasia is

Expedition Caver & Cave Photographer

Film Program Director for Ladek Mountain Festival

Contact officer for DFBG (Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival)

Author of workshops for kids - read more here

Speaker - read more here

Underground Cinematographer for film 'The Cave' (production of Room 608 for Discovery Channel) - watch the trailer here.